Way Huge Fuzz Pedal Review

With fuzz and stomp boxes, sometimes more is always great especially if you have had the experience of using these little gems for a while. If you’re in search for a great fuzz box that offers you more than just a great tone and the ability to get slightly change your variation. Then you might have just landed in the right place. Even though the world of fuzz boxes reaches far and wide, there is always a lack of proper fuzz boxes that offer enough diversity without sacrificing the quality and user experience of the device.

The WHE401 swollen pickle from Way Huge is one of those fuzz boxes that not only offers you a lot more but also ensures that at the same time, you enjoy the quality and longevity that you’re paying for. This you get value for money and a long time to enjoy your purchase without any disappointments. Thanks to a great deal of features that are included in this fuzz box, the user is able to have unbeatable fuzz and a great experience as well. Some of these features that you stand to enjoy with the WHE401 Swollen Pickle include;

Way Huge WHE401 Swollen Pickle Jumbo Fuzz

Features of Way Huge WHE401 Swollen Pickle Jumbo Fuzz Pedal

For the exterior, the fuzz box comes in a chassis that is made from anodized aluminum and that is capable of offering you a great deal of benefits other than protecting the delicate interior of the fuzz box. It is also able to ensure that there is no static and will handle most of the falls that would tear other fuzz boxes to pieces. As a result, you get great value for your money and a sturdy build that you can rely on for a long time to come.

In line with quality and durability, the fuzz box also comes with a heavy duty foot switch that is able to withstand the extensive abuse and ensure that you have a great deal of time to keep putting those effects of using. The reliable footswitch also allows for constant use without breaking down or sticking which can be a major letdown especially in the middle of performance.

Another great feature that improves the experience of the user by giving them a much easier time is the true bypass. The importance of this feature can never be emphasized enough unless you have no problem with disconnecting and reconnecting your equipment every time you want to resort to the natural sound of the guitar. Even though this might be your preference, you have to consider how much this will affect your performance. With the help of the true bypass, you can juggle back and forth on the effects and the natural sound of the guitar and each time you get the best results. When the effects are off and you have the true bypass, the signal will not be altered in any way. It will be just like playing straight into the amp.

There is also the blue LED indicator that comes with the WHE401 Swollen pickle fuzz box. Even though an indicator might not seem like an important addition to many, it actually easy. During performances and the heat of the moment, it is quite easy to get delirious and forget if you had the effects on or off when you want to hit another note. The indicator light will make you aware of this and you do not have to play around with luck. Just one glimpse and you know where you stand.

For power, the fuzz box comes with a 9V battery and to sweeten the deal. There is also a 2.1mm power jack that comes complete with AC power protection and ensures that you have a great experience when it comes to the length of time you can play your fuzz box. Considering that there is no battery life indicator, it is quite easy for the battery to die on you. With a power jack, you can just plug in and continue playing for as long as you might prefer.

Additionally, there is an easy access battery door that allows for easier switching of the battery instead of having to take out the entire back cover which can be quite a hustle.


There are quite a handful of benefits that come with being able to invest in such a stable and reliable fuzz box with the reliability being one of them.

The others include the great selection of effects and the wide variety of controls that the user can use to tune and toggle between the different tone variations that they would like. This also ensures that the user is able to get more out of their fuzz box and also finds it interesting for longer before they have to get back in the market to choose another one.

The fuzz box is quite versatile and offers a lot of tones and features all of which contribute to the functionality and durability of the fuzz box. As a result, the user has more at their hands for less.

It is also worth noting that despite all the benefits and features that are attached to this fuzz box, it is quite affordable and does not attract the price tag that most would anticipate. It gives a real chance to enthusiasts to get something that takes them to the next level without having to break the bank to get there.


There is a chance that some of the users might find the great collection of controls to be a handful especially if they are not used to getting around the setting. Also, the controls make the face of the fuzz look a bit busy but it only takes a bit of getting used to.


Great fuzz boxes offer a lot of variety and diversity. It is why the fuzz was invented in the first place to allow you to get more out of your guitar. The WHE401 Swollen Pickle embraces the same approach and ensures that there is a lot more that the user can get for a light price and embraces quality and functionality to the fullest. This way you get value and a new reason to love fuzz even more.

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