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How to Choose the Right Quadcopter

How to Choose the Right Quadcopter with Camera

Quadcopters have become a very popular topic, these past few years. Some of that is due to technological advancements. Materials are getting lighter. Cameras are getting smaller, and more durable (think GoPro). The availability of smart devices, like iPads, is also helping pave the way, by providing new ways of interacting with and piloting drones. There’s also been a significant increase in media attention around quadcopters technology, in particular with the rise of unmanned, military purpose drones. Even companies like Amazon are looking closely at this emerging technology, as a potential future means of automating package delivery. With all of the buzzing interest, you may be wondering what the best quadcopter is for you. This site will help guide you through that decision making process, regardless of whether you’re an: Inexperienced Hobbyist Amateur Film Maker Professional (film, etc.) How to Choose the Right Quadcopter There are a number of quadcopters manufacturers, and more

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Best Downhill Longboards

Top 5 Best Downhill Longboards For Beginners To Pros | May 2017

With all the amazing benefits of owning a downhill longboard, you may wonder why it is you don’t own one already. Finding the right downhill longboard for you is incredibly easy once you understand the basic features. With our recommendations you will be able to find the perfect downhill longboard for you! Introduction To The Best Downhill Longboards Imagine how good it would feel if the perfect downhill longboard just jumped into your lap? Let’s face it…Its never going to happen is it? But with our top 5 list the best downhill longboard for you could be just down the page. There's certainly no doubt, its by no means a simple decision, but dont worry our 5 picks covers everyone, from level of quality, designs, models and price, look it over and tell us what you think. Hold on to your seat as with out further ado, the following is our awesome top

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