How to Add Signature to Gmail

An email signature is something that contains your name, phone number, your email, company name etc.You can even add your social networking sites in it. Thus it makes easier for people to reach you. It is like a stamp that is placed at the bottom of all outgoing mail helping to advertise yourself and your company. And gmail allows you to use this service and it can be very easily set up.

Add Signature to Gmail

Go through the following steps to set up your signature.
Step 1:
-Sign in to your Gmail account and click on the setting gear. Click on the Settings option from the menu that will have appeared.

Add Signature to Gmail

Step 2:
-Go to General. Under this section, you’ll find a text field to put your desired signature.

Add Signature to Gmail

-Type your desired signature in the text field. It’s best to keep your signature to about 4-5 lines.

-Scroll down and click on Save changes to add your signature to your Gmail.

You’ve successfully added your signature to your account congratulations!

Add Company Logo/Social networking sites to your signature

Follow these simple steps:

1. Go to Choose your preferred logo that you want you to insert in your signature. Right click the icon and choose Copy image address.

Add Signature to Gmail

2. Go to your gmail account and click on Insert image button that you will find in the text field. Follow the image below for difficulties.Paste the web address into the box and click Select. The chosen logo will appear in the text field.

Add Signature to Gmail

3. Left click on the logo will let you decide if you want the logo smaller or larger.

4. To enter the location of your networking sites simply click left on your logo.You’ll see a menu pops out.Click on “Change” button and paste your profile in the box and select ok.

Add Signature to Gmail

By going through these steps, you’ve successfully added your company/site location to your signature making you easier to find.

Add Signature through Gmail Mobile App

1. Go to the Gmail app from your phone.

2. Tap the menu button situated at the top left.

3. Go to settings.

4. Tap on the option with your email id in it.

5. Tap Signature settings on iOS or Signature on android devices. On iOS toggle, the signature to the enabled/on position.

6. Enter your signature.

7. On iOS tap to the back, arrow to save changes and go to the previous page or tap Ok on android.

Important Facts:

-When enabling signature option, you can see your signature each time you compose your message but in case of a mobile device, you can’t do that. This enables the desktop users to edit a portion or the whole signature for a specific message.

-You also can’t put logos or images from a mobile phone whereas desktop allows you to do it.

Thank you for your patience. If you have any questions regarding this topic please comment below. Have a nice day!

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