Electro Harmonix Pedals Review

Electro Harmonix fuzz pedals is one of the best pedals on market for Guitar and Bass, Vacuum Tubes, Pro Audio. We review here the top 2 Electro-Harmonix pedals and we also guide you to get the Electro-Harmonix pedal at a lowest prices.

Electro-Harmonix Bass Big Muff Distortion Pedal

When it comes to fuzz pedals, none of them has the name that the Electro-Harmonix Big muff has managed to create for itself over the years. Not only has this been made from the hard work that has gone into the pedal but also the productive nature of the fuzz pedal and careful planning that has gone into making one of the greatest fuzz pedals to date. If you’re the kind of person that likes to tie yourself closely to big names, then this would be a great option for you that is not only about the name but is also quite feature filled.

Electro-Harmonix Bass Big Muff Distortion Pedal

The Big Muff as it is usually called crashes the world of fuzz with a signature tone that is heavily sort after. It has the build and features that make it a pleasure to have and ensures that the user gets value for their money and also has a chance to hit the stage with a name that is credible and definitely worth some value. With the Big Muff, you not only but the pedal, but also the reputation that the name has been able to create over the years.


There are a plethora of features that you can enjoy from the Electro Harmonix Bass Big Muff and a great deal of them have been tailor made to suit the different users while positioning themselves at a great advantage of producing at the highest level. Some of the features that are worth noting include;

The big muff features a nicely finished rugged metal chassis that offers housing to the pedal and is able to absorb a great deal of shock that might arise from falls or any other work related hazards. The casing of the fuzz pedal is made from metal and this gives a great picture of just how durable the casing and consequently the fuzz pedal is. The finishing on the casing is also quite unique with a solid green color that has a vintage and old look tantamount to the great strides that the brand has been able to make over the years.

There are a couple of controls on the chassis as well that make it easier to use the fuzz box. These include the power switch as well as the volume tone and sustain controls that allows for better and a more diverse range of tone. This also comes in handy for players that are still trying to get a way around getting their own signature tones or those that are critical about the tones that they want to achieve.

Still, on the controls, there is a mini switch for the bass boost that comes in handy especially when one is plating on the low end. It helps to achieve that raspy and gritty feel with a dirty musk to it. The switch is also key to when you want to increase your range as it allows you to select dry when you want to get something that has a higher pitch or sustain.

For power, the fuzz box gives the user the ability to choose from one of two power options. These are the 9V battery or a power adapter supply. It might be a hard decision to make but knowing how you use your fuzz box could help. Also the ability to choose how you would like to power your fuzz box is a great advantage. However, you should know that in the event that you decide you would like to use the fuzz box with a power adapter, the cable is not included in your purchase and you have to buy this separately.


A big name and a big fuzz pedal in terms of functionality and delivery will definitely come with a great deal of benefits attached to it. The Big Muff is no exception and when it comes to the benefits; it has quite a few to offer.

It has an excellent sound quality that allows it to be used in a great deal of settings among them which include performances, home studios, amateur recording, outdoor events and games and even in professional recording. The extent to which you can apply this fuzz box can only be limited by your imagination.

The fuzz box is quite responsive and allows for easier and more subtle use of controls with a great difference in fuzz around every corner. It is a must have especially given the wide diversity of range that it has to offer and also among the ease of tuning. The responsive nature also makes it great asset to guitarists that have a critical ear for music.

It is able to remain versatile with different variations in tone and fuzz variance thanks to the controls and the bass and dry switch. As a result, you get a lot more than you bargained for on a positive end especially given the fact that you will be pairing yourself with a big name. It is also worth noting that the fuzz pedal is quite compact and portable. This way, if you fall in love with what it is able to do, it is not hard to carry it around to wherever you go.

It has a wide and great selection of effects that give it a nice cut to its sound and also good quality. The range of effects that are offered by the fuzz pedal is among the most sort after in the currently and hence its great demand in the market.


Unfortunately, even the biggest of names tend to have a couple of setbacks even though in this case, it is not something that you would not be able to live without or that affects the performance of the pedal.

As much as there are plenty of effects, it would have done better with more to give the user more flexibility. Having to choose your option is also somewhat daunting compared to having both options but for this, you would have to consider the extent of use and let it dictate the option that would work best for you.


The Big Muff not only comes with a big name, but it also perks the performance to back up the name and ensure that the user has value and gets the fuzz effect that they are looking for. This is a great fuzz pedal for anyone that is looking to take their distortion and skills to the next level.
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Electro-Harmonix Big Muff Pi Guitar Effects Pedal

When it comes to fuzz pedals, there are only handfuls that can live up to the hype the Big Muff Pi has been able to set over the years. Coming from one of the leading companies in the fuzz world, there is a lot that the Big Muff has to offer and there is no doubt that this will end up being among the greatest fuzz boxes to have ever been made. For hard hitters that like setting the tone and smashing records, the best way is to align yourself with the best in the industry and there is no doubt that the Big Muff is by among the best fuzz pedals in its class and has stood the test of time fully to prove the point.

Electro-Harmonix Big Muff Pi Guitar Effects Pedal

The Electro Harmonix Big Muff Pi guitar effects pedal is one of the most reliable and dependable pedals that you will ever come across. It has built a name for itself through hard work and constant delivery over the years and even with the newer models, it still has the ability to hold its own against them and top the ladder among the most preferred fuzz pedals in the industry. It is cleverly built to encompass the most important features that allow it to have a one of a kind delivery without costing too much or looking too loaded. It is safe to say that Electro Harmonix might have just found the formula to fuzz success with this particular pedal.


This fuzz pedal is able to derive its ability to deliver and offer diversity thanks to the controls that are featured on the face of the casing. These are a volume, tone and sustain controls that are quite simple to understand and operate but are key in helping you to get the color of sound that you want the level of output and even allow you to crank the saturation up with ease. It makes this fuzz pedal a great option for both the newbies because of the simplicity of operation and great for the experts in the world of guitar playing because of the quality of sound and the diversity it offers.

It also has a true bypass footswitch. This allows for you to revert back to the natural sound of the guitar when the occasion calls for it without any interference whatsoever. Considering the fuzz pedal are able to get the job done by electronically clipping the natural sound, at times it can be tricky to get around the natural sound of the guitar without having any signal distortion or interference. A true bypass ensures that the interference is no longer a question by offering a straight connection from the input to the output.

One of the Big Muff Pi’s selling points has always been its characteristic singing sustain with an attitude which is what has earned the device its great fame over the years and this features here just as well. It is a great tone for those that love having an edge to their music and love the rowdiness that the attitude brings which is usually a great plus if the occasions call for it. This coupled with the crushing distortion definitely offers a lot more than most people would anticipate and ensures that you have the best possible fuzz especially if you get the setting and controls right. However, given their simplicity, that should not be much of a hurdle.

The device also comes with a 9Vold battery to power it as well as ensure that you have plenty of playing time to get to learn and work out on your fuzz skills. Other features that are also worth noting on this fuzz pedal include the indicator light that is quite essential especially in rowdy settings as well as the strong casing that ensures the durability of the product and can take a good number of falls.


There is a lot of benefits and responsibilities that come with getting the best fuzz boxes in the industry. The features present a great deal of the benefits but it is up to you to make sure that you make the most out of the fuzz pedal as it ensures to offer you nothing but the best chances.

The Electro-Harmonix Big Muff Pi fuzz pedal has great quality sound and can be used in a great deal of settings that include performances, amateur recording, outdoor events, home studio and even professional recording. This means that regardless of your intended use, this is the best tool to have by your side.

It is also quite versatile and offers great playing diversity mostly because of the different controls that it has. It is a great buy especially if you’re looking to create your own unique tone and feel that you could use some help with that.

Playing around with the tones reveals another benefit of this fuzz pedal which is its responsiveness ensuring that you have a wider range of tones to choose from as well as the pleasure of having unlimited range.

The presence of the indicator light is also a joy to behold especially given how critical this is and how it even has the potential of saving an entire performance. In a chaotic setting, it can be quite easy for one to forget the state of effects and end up messing an entire performance. Having an indicator light keeps you from using your hunch and instead of getting the real state of things.


On the other hand, there are a few areas that could use some improvements even though they do not affect the current functioning of the pedals, they could make it better and ensure that you have a better chance of making even more out of it. These include the lack of a power adapter even though the battery still does a great job with this.

It could also have been more helpful to have an easy access battery door. Considering that the fuzz pedal is powered by the battery alone that would mean that it requires a couple of changes and an easy access battery door would be of great assistance.


Other than that despite the fact that the Big Muff Pi is a blast from the past and a classic at that, it is still dominating the market and giving other pedals a run for their money. It is especially a great buy for all those that are looking for a fuzz box that has a tasteful lead tone with an all-out mayhem.

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